With so many interiors and products branded as boho-chic, it can be hard to know what the real definition of this popular style really is and how to create it in your own home. Here’s we’ve made the ultimate guide to boho-chic design, including pictures and tips on how to infuse it into your personal style and your space. You’ll surely love it!

What is boho-chic?

The boho-chic style is also referred to as bohemian chic. The look is dominated by bright colors, bold patterns, and ethnic influences. With its unique, creative vibe, it’s no wonder that boho chic has become one of today’s most popular interior design styles. It is timeless, easy to recreate, and liked by people of all ages, and backgrounds. In recent years it has totally taken over our favorite sea cities and is becoming the new Mediterranean style. We can see it in every Greek, Italian, and Spanish villa and absolutely love it.

Who's it for?

The boho style has a wide range of fans. Home lovers, interior designers, or people looking for a new style. People with an interest in new ideas will also love it. To be honest, everyone can enjoy it. It’s so simple and welcoming, that it doesn’t really have a particular group. It can also be interpreted differently, to really fit your taste or be fused with other styles, which makes its incorporation so much easier.  


What are its key elements?

It can sometimes seem like an oxymoron to incorporate boho-chic style in your home, given its emphasis on free spirits and nonconformity. However, there are common elements that tie together its bohemian vibe. An example of such elements will be rattan furniture, carved wood furniture, hanging chairs, bohemian rugs, botanical motifs, Morrocan puffs, Morrocan lanterns, floor cushions, feather garlands, Macramé Wall Decorations, colorful pillows, indoor plants and succulents, and many more. 

How do you combine them into your own space?

With its laidback, bohemian vibe, boho is all about creative freedom. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start by creating a design vision for your own space. Do you want to make bold statements with unique colors and patterns? Do you want an overall earthy look or something much more sophisticated? Whatever direction you decide to go in, think about how you can incorporate elements of your favorite boho-chic designs into each room of your home.